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avenuedreams's Journal

8 March 1986
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My name is Avenue, Avenue Dreams... A few facts, I am 26, married for 5 years, I have 2 cats, and I love coffee, tea and my iPad. This journal is friends only, so fill out the form and post it in the friends only entry so I can accept you! :) I love making new friends so as long as we have some sort of connection in the livejournal world, I will prolly add you. :) I do have a rules, you must be over 18 to be a pal, sorry pals, but I often include some TMI and NSFW posts.... your out.

This journal is very new, but I am not new to livejournal. I have had some sort of livejournal since 2004, but I always get bored and change the name. :)